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When the medial femoral condyle measurements were separated into two parts- - weight bearing and posterior- - the rate of cartilage loss was greater in the weight bearing than in the posterior part; the tibia increased significantly with worse grades of JSN in the more severely affected knee. Posterior surface. According to the Hospital for Special Surgery, the medial femoral condyle is the inside of the knee, and health issues dealing with it can be treated. A two- headed muscle, it originates on either side of the knee, with the medial head arising from the medial condyle and the lateral head arising from the lateral condyle. Radiographic Measurement of Femoral Lateral Bowing and Distal Femoral Condyle Resection Thickness: Variances and Effects on Total Knee Arthroplasty Planning MRI examination revealed a medial meniscus tear and hyperintensity of the medial femoral condyle on fat suppressed T2- weighted imaging consistent with bone marrow edema ( Fig. Both knees also have a protrusion on the other side of the knee called the lateral condyle. Palpable as a rounded bump on the inside of the knee in the case of the medial femoral condyle and just below the inside of the knee in the. What is a Medial Condyle Femur Fracture? Anterior surface. Lateral condyle of femur.
Jan 28, · The medial condyle is a protrusion of bone that is a feature of both the femur bone in the thigh and the tibia bone in the lower leg. The femoral condyles form the trochlear groove that provides the articulating surface of the femur. Jan 15, · Another muscle that finds its origins on the femoral condyles is the gastrocnemius, the large muscle of the calf. How can the answer be improved? The medial femoral condyle has an extra segment which is the cause for the passive rotation of the knee joint. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Muscles of the back of the leg. The larger lateral femoral condyle provides a bony buttress that. One of the rarer bone fractures seen in the medical community, the medial condyle of the femur is a bony protrusion where the femur meets the knee. Right knee- joint, from the front, showing interior ligaments. Lateral condyle of femur; Lower extremity of right femur viewed from below.
Left knee- joint from behind. Similar to the articular surface of the patella, the trochlear surface is divided into medial and lateral facets, the lateral facet being larger and extending more proximally and anteriorly than its medial counterpart ( Figure 22- 2). Additional images. The most common injury to the lateral femoral condyle is an osteochondral fracture combined with a patellar dislocation. Condyle femoral condyle. The ACL extends in an inferior, anterior, and medial direction from its origin on the inner surface of the posterior, lateral femoral condyle to its insertion on the anterior tibial plateau anterior to the tibial spines between the attachments of the medial and lateral menisci and beneath the transverse ligament. It is referred to as medial because in both cases it is found along the inside of the leg, toward the body’ s midline.

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